Senneterre Outfitters 2017 Price List
All prices are in US funds 

Walleye and Pike Fishing
May 27, 2017 thru October 21, 2017

$695.00 per person
Includes taxes, boat w/motor and lodging for the week


Bear Hunt / Fishing Combo
May 27, 2017 thru June 30, 2017

$1,495.00 / hunter + tax & license
Includes bear tag, baited stand, boat w/motor, and lodging for the week. 

Small Game Hunt / Fishing Combo
Rabbit and Grouse Hunting
September 16, 2017 thru October 21, 2017

$695.00 / hunter + tax & license
Includes boat w/motor, hunting
and fishing access, and lodging for the week.

Not included in fishing and bear hunting package prices-
Fuel, Taxes, and License fees
Fuel is available at the main camp.

Self-Guided Group Archery Moose Hunts / Fishing Combo
September 16, 2017 thru September 30, 2017

$2,495.00 / group. 6 person max per cabin. All taxes license fees and fuel are additional cost. Deposit $1,000.00 per group.

Family Fishing Package
Mom, Dad, and children under 16 yrs. old
7-Day fishing at Lake Maseres
July 20th thru. September 7th
$945.00 + tax, fuel, and license fee's

Self-Guided Group Moose Rifle Hunts / Fishing Combo
October 7, 2017 thru October 21, 2017
$2,495.00 / group. 6 person max. All tax license fees and  boat fuel are an additional cost. Deposit $1,000.00 per group.

 Remember to make your reservations ASAP to assure the dates you request !
Quebec law...  one moose per two licensed hunters.
2017 allows bulls calfs and cows.

License Rates
Bear $147
Moose $485 per hunter
Small Game $84.50
Fishing 7 days $41.50
Fishing season $62.00
Fishing conservation $27.00

Kids under 16 are free with two paying adults.

Please remember to take a kid fishing.
The memories will last a lifetime

Daily Rate $125.00 pp+tax .
3-day min.  Call for Availability.