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We are the only outfitters on Lake Masares!

     Senneterre Outfitters is located on Maseres Lake. The lake is approx. 14 miles long with many back-bays, drop-offs, and rocky shoals. This lake is fed by the Macho River System, therefor the lake is continually restocked with a large number of Walleye and Great Northern Pike.

    Walleye are the main fish at Lake Maseres, and they are here in large numbers. Most of the fish you will catch  are in the 14-24 inch range, but at any time that wall-hanger may bend the rod. The lake has a depth of approx. 120 feet but most fish are caught in the 5-30 foot range.

     Great Northern Pike are abundant in Lake Maseres and it is not uncommon for fish to be caught over 40 inches. There is nothing more exciting than catching one of these water-wolves, but we do ask you to only take pictures of these trophy fish and release them for another day.

     You will be fishing from our well maintained fleet of 16 foot V-bottom fiberglass boats with 15 hp motors. We will fish 2 persons per boat unless there is an odd number in the party (three persons per boat).

     Your group will stay at the main camp area or you can stay at one of our boat-to cabins. All cabins are fully equipped with hot and cold running water, woodstove for heat, propane stove for cooking, private bathroom, anf fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator.

Portage Conservation Lakes

     Senneterre Outfitters has several smaller lakes for those adventurous people who want a truly remote day on the lake. These lakes are conservation only lakes. We will direct you to the lake where there will be a boat or canoe awaiting you. You can enjoy the day on a private lake with many points, drop-offs, and back bays.

     Remember to take your camera with you on these excursions, not only for the fish, but there is always a chance that you will see many other forms of wildlife such as: Moose, Bear, Beavers, Eagles, etc. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities at no extra charge other than sharing the pictures and experience.

Remember to take a kid fishing!
Checkout our special rates for kids under 16

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